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Memory Monday. 

Nothing serious here, just throwing back to that time, not to long ago, when I traveled to St. Kitts and Nevis. 

I have nothing more to add, good bye but never forget: live, laugh, love, smile and fart out loud, life is incredibly too short. 


Beautiful Man II

Many of my posts from now on might be titled Beautiful Man, and we are all going to deal with it, won’t we?


With that out the way, every now and then I feel poetic and just a few minutes ago, I came up with this one. Can’t tell you how or why. lol

Let’s Go to Lunch

Beautiful Man, come let’s go to lunch

Let’s walk into the cafe like we own it
Let’s take the table in the middle
Eat while we stare at each other
Make everyone jealous.

Let your jacket match my skirt,
Allow me to fix your tie
Eat from my plate if you wish
Hold my purse if ego permits you

Beautiful Man, come let’s go to lunch

Let’s walk down the road like it’s paved just for us to trod
Let’s just go to lunch, shall well?

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, I’m waiting on Beautiful Man to take me to lunch.


The Ultimate Stalking Guide. Vol. 2

Ladies, (or gentlemen)

There’s no time for long pleasantries, we’ve got a pressing matter before us.

This 2016, we will be seizing the bae aka The Nigerian Husband, by force. He will hide, but we will find him.

This year, our photo must be on all the wedding pages on Instagram – Bella Naija Weddings, Wedding Digest, Nigerian Weddings, you name it. All those girls getting married do they have two Continue reading


Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

Happy 2016. I wish you all the best that life has to offer in this new year.

I’ve not had written posts for quite some weeks now. Honestly, I’ve had lots of inspirations to write and blog, but I let them slide away most of the time. However, It’s a new year, I plan to Continue reading

Dating is Hard. 

Dear Nigerian Husband,

What’s the matter? Why have you chosen to ignore my need for your attention?
I’m beginning to think you’re out there laughing at me with each letter I write. Whatever the case is, there’s this part of me telling me you’re just waiting on the perfect time to show up. My intuition is right. I know it is.

However, there’s also that little part of me that believes Continue reading