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“I will Never Pound Yam For Any Man.”

Dear Unborn Children,

Your father’s favorite swallow is pounded yam and vegetable soup. But I’ve never prepared it for him.
Hear me out.

During those days when we were still painting the best parts of ourselves for the other to see – learning about our likes and dislikes and whatnot – I learned he Continue reading

Yearly Bride Price Payment.

My in-laws,

I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

On December 1, 2018, you voluntarily walked in the home of my fathers. We welcomed you warmly and asked what the intention of your visit was.

“Our son, who never leaves Yola, Kaduna or Abuja, all of a sudden began making unusual trips to Jos. We got worried and decided

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“Eh? What Kind of Name is That?” – How We Met.

Dear Unborn Children,

I won’t be the typical African parent, I will be quick to apologize when I’m wrong: I’m sorry I left you waiting since the last letter. Your aunties and uncles have been asking to read your letters too. Don’t worry, I didn’t share with them.

See, before your father met your grandfather, who you will get to see as a fun and attentive grandpa, I was a bit nervous.


Here, your father poses for a photo with your grandmother, a few days into his visit to Jos. Till this day, she still blushes around him, even more than I do.

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My Village People Almost Got Me.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’ve got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

Let’s start with the bad news.


See, my Nigerian Husband is a lucky man! See this beauty he gets to call his wife! To God be the glory.

So remember sometime at the beginning of 2019 when I attempted to make Masa. What a disaster that was. I almost put my good

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How We Met (I Got Tired of Church.)

Dear Unborn Children,

A few days ago on the 1095th day of your father and I knowing each other, I began telling you the story of how it all started. I had to make it short as I didn’t want to bore you with all those tiny details. Apparently, your curiosity has gotten the best of you as well as other aunties and uncles who have read my letters to you behind your back. (Adults these days, I tell ya!)
I digress.
See, when your father and I met, I didn’t think we would go beyond being friends. On the surface, he fit the perfect picture of a player. I wasn’t about to get my heart played and dumped like used diaper. I had to thread carefully.


This card was among surprise gifts he gave me on our first Valentine’s Day together. Inside, he referred to me as his Future Mrs. Man, dude was seeing way into the future already.

Even as I moved with caution, your father was so intriguing: our conversations were really good. We could go for hours just chatting about nothing and anything. Hardly an hour went by without some kind of communication. (I’m sure he’ll remember when

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I Wrote About My Husband Before We Met.

I’ve not written for a while and needless to say, I’ve felt off balanced to a degree. So I want to change that with what I hope would become series of letters to my unborn children. And I hope to tie these series to the series I wrote about their dad.


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