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Letter to My Unborn Son.

You’re not born yet. It’s June 27, 2017, but I have some promises I must deliver to you even before your conception.


I owe you a lot of things. See, in this present time we live in, there are many men and women who don’t know their true value and as a result try to pass on that lack of self-worth to others. I’m trying my best to ensure you grow up knowing your worth and knowing how to nicely and wisely interact with everyone you come across.

This not only starts with how I prepare myself for your coming, but with the decision on who becomes your father.
I wrote your sister a few Continue reading


I Owe My Daughter.

Dear Unborn Daughter,

Let me apologize for delaying your arrival to earth. It’s not my fault or anything, God is still working on me and your dad.


I know we had an agreement since my teenage years that myself and your dad would Continue reading