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Quitting My Job. 


Yes girls and boys, gentlemen and Ladies!

I’m quitting my job as a

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New Name. 

I happen to work and live in a society where, sometimes, you’re treated better depending on what last name you have.

So this morning, I was very happy to be given a new name, with a surname that is very popular around here. 😀

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Aging Gracefully and Strong.

Part of my beat as a reporter here in the Virgin Islands entails me interviewing and documenting the lives of some of the territory’s senior citizens.
This is something I enjoy doing. You seat for an interview with these seasoned residents and you leave feeling refreshed and with a very new and joyful outlook on life.

One of the seniors i’ve interviewed is Carmelita O’Neal.
Ms. O’Neal lives just a few yards away from my office. Each time we meet, she has the most inspiring things to say and is almost always grateful for like.

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The Joys of Reporting.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I live and work and in Nature’s Little Secrets- the Virgin Islands- and can’t thank God enough for such an opportunity. I wake up with lush green hills laid before my apartment, with the lovely blue skies and a view of the ocean. Live is generally good.

The Virgin Islands is just a tiny little spec on the map. Heck, the population is just under 30,000. There are a few unpleasant and grumpy folks, but generally, everyone is nice, jolly and cheerful.

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Meet Abayomi

Meet Abayomi


For the next five days, I’m going to be sharing my cubicle with Abayomi aka Abby.

This smart, fun loving, outgoing and intelligent 15 year-old is interning with The BVI Beacon Newspaper this week. I have the privilege of being- for lack of a better word- her supervisor.

This simply means for the next week, I have to be a responsible adult. Like, I have to show up to the office on time, not spend so much time browsing through the internet, be a model employee, not bully Ken- my colleague and basically appear busy all the time.

All that boring grown up actions aside, Abby gets to go to assignments with me and the other reporters. For example, in a few hours, she’ll shadow me at an interview and she’ll get to take the photo and video of the interview. I’m pretty excited about it.

You know what’s fun?
I was in Abby’s shoes years ago. I went to the same high school she’s currently enrolled in. (Cedar International School.)

In 11th grade, I interned with a newspaper called The Virgin Islands Standpoint. That publication is now out of business.
In 12th grade, I interned with guess who???? That’s right! I interned with The BVI Beacon Newspaper.
I did an okay job, in my very modest opinion… but If you ask my supervisor then, I think he’ll tell you I did an amazing job. (I mean, how do you explain the fact that I’ve been with the company for years since then… Okay… Vanity kills!)

I digress.

Abby enjoys photography and hopes to one day become a wild life photographer. She’s got some really cool photos. ( Something I don’t think my 15 year-old self would measure up to).

I was out sick for the later part of last week, but I got a memo at home, informing me of my duties and new cubicle mate.

I sort of forgot about her until I walked into the office and found her seated, being briefed by the editor.
Needless, to say, she’s somewhat settled down and I think, getting a sense of what it takes to be as journalist.

I really do hope that at the end of the week, Abby would have had a fun time learning about the things we do and how a newspaper operates.

Folks, I have to go. Having Abby here means I can’t be wasting time. I have to be an example!


Live, love, laugh, fart, be silly; life is too short.

Cruising For Lunch

Cruising For Lunch

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies… As we type, I can barely focus on the stories I have to write within the next two hours.

My mind is still roaming round my visit to Riviera, one of Oceania Cruises’ newest babies. I was invited to tour the ship and have lunch for the second time in one year.
I had such a great time and left with lots of great ideas for my Nigerian Husband…. Wherever you are my dear, I want you to know there’s no pressure whatsoever…

More on this cruise ship visit when all my stories are done and when i’ve managed to work off at least one quarter of the calories I consumed!

TIll then, please enjoy staring at this photo I took of my desert- “A la Minute Poached Floating Island” (Pink Pralines and Roasted Pistachio cream)

Sleepy, stuffed and tired,