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Somewhere In The Middle. (A Year Back to Nigeria)

It’s exactly 366 days since I returned to Nigeria.

A few days ago, the Nigerian Husband and I laid on a blanket on the bare living room floor relaxing and he goes, “ So when was the last time you blogged?”
That got me thinking and hit me that I had actually let go of my love for writing. That question asked tactfully, birthed this blog post. You guys have this good man to thank.

Three hundred and ninety three days ago, my life changed. DSC_0362

See, before Hurricane Irma, my life in the Virgin Islands was pretty simple and chill: I woke up at about 7:30 a.m. to prepare for work and then leave for town with my Continue reading

“Are You Adding Weight?”

The photo with the green dress was the one He questions. and this super blurry one is of me before exercise this morning.

The photo with the green dress was the one He questioned. And this super blurry one is of me before exercise this morning.

Gentlemen and Ladies, Girls and Boys,

So, let us get this straight. There is a strong contender for the title of The Nigerian Husband, as a matter of fact, this contender has been around long before the Nigerian Husband made his first appearance on this blog…hahaha.

However, just like the Nigerian Husband is always busy preparing for the big family we are going to have, the contender as well, is always busy and hardly reads this blog, hence, I can put him on full blast here.

This morning, after the contender saw a photo I took over the weekend, this blunt son of a baptist didn’t think of anything flattering to say… What he said troubleshot me out of  my bed, straight into my work out clothes and set me running like a mad woman on the track.
“Are you adding weight?”

This one and only contender happens to be a contender for many reasons, one being his brutal honesty and inability to pretend or sugar coat things.

I made it to the track, ran a few 800-metre laps before joining the guys having aerobics.

It was tough, but I wasn’t about to back out. I had to/have to prove this contender that that weight will go away in no time.
I almost gave up twice during the parallel planks. What kept me going? I kept chanting “for the Nigerian Husband, for the Nigerian Husband.”

By the way, his question only pushed me because I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately and have had plans to exercising rigorously again. I’m not exercising so he stays or hang around longer. I’m exercising so I hang around longer and have a better life with him & the people I cherish the most.

The work out this morning was for the only contender for the title of The Nigerian Husband. Who and for what did you dedicate your exercise today to?

Have a great Tuesday folks, don’t forget live, love, laugh, fart, be silly, life is incredibly too short- Oshe! (Just because he says it a lot)Image