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Award-winning Ogbono Soup.

This soup won awards, I’m in my house, come and beat me.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’m beginning to feel sorry for you.

See while you’re still stacking and working hard to come pay bride price, it appears the stakes may be getting higher; you may need to work a tad bit harder. I’m this close to being worried that by the time you bring your people to meet my people, you may not be able to afford my bride price.
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Dear Nigerian Husband,

It’s been ages I wrote to you. All has been/is well with your future Nigerian wife.
I’m writing you this letter on a very sour note.

Before I go on, please just look at me in the photo above and tell me I look like a queen, royalty, empress and the embodiment of a good wife. Exactly! I thought so too.

As I walked to the office this morning, I could feel heads turning towards my direction. ( I must say, I’ll make you look really good whenever you walk next to me dressed in Ankara. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not bad looking at all)

Enough of me blowing my own trumpet.

With me lovely and all out of the way, I’m writing you this letter to report my colleague Ken.

So, after I got into the office, I began getting myself ready for the day’s work. Usually my preparation involves getting the Afro beats mix on youtube before anything else.

So while I was getting into the routine, Ken walked into the office. Not only did Ken not compliment me on this lovely African dress, but he also asked if it was a Halloween costume. (Gosh, What is wrong with these Americans? They are so out of place. I mean I’ve relaxed my standards by not requiring you to lie on the floor each time i pass by or sprinkle flowers on the ground before I can pass. Now all I ask is that you respect my lovely ankara dress and compliment me on it… Cheiii)

Jesu!!! How could he? I mean, doesn’t he know we don’t do halloween as Africans? (Well, except of course you’re referring to all the masquerade dances that take place in many villages every other week?)

My Dear Nigerian Husband, you have to do something about Ken.

I got that dress from my mother’s closet! She doesn’t know I reconstructed it though, else I’ll be dead meat!

Please don’t take my vanity in this post too seriously! It’s Friday, please just smile and move on…

Yours in marriage eventually,
The Nigerian Wife