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Somewhere In The Middle. (A Year Back to Nigeria)

It’s exactly 366 days since I returned to Nigeria.

A few days ago, the Nigerian Husband and I laid on a blanket on the bare living room floor relaxing and he goes, “ So when was the last time you blogged?”
That got me thinking and hit me that I had actually let go of my love for writing. That question asked tactfully, birthed this blog post. You guys have this good man to thank.

Three hundred and ninety three days ago, my life changed. DSC_0362

See, before Hurricane Irma, my life in the Virgin Islands was pretty simple and chill: I woke up at about 7:30 a.m. to prepare for work and then leave for town with my Continue reading

I didn’t Hurt Anyone. 

I went through the day without hurting a soul! I deserve this glass of wine. 

And yes, I don’t get applauded enough for going through life peacefully and not hitting every human being during my period. 


Don’t Whine, Drink Wine.


Last week I attended a wine tasting event/expo.
Needless to say, there was wine, more wine and then some.


It was an opportunity for me to kind of practice all those wine facts I happen to have stored in my head for a while.
For example, I got to swirl the wine in the glass, sniffed and then did the whole spreading it inside my mouth thingy. For that 40 minutes I was there, I was a wine expert.

My interaction and interviews with attendees word like dry, sweet, fruity, oak and other wine terms were thrown around. You couldn’t tell me I didn’t know what I was doing. I got to talk about wine glasses too. For example, which glasses you use for whatever wine you’re having. I also spoke with a wine expert about what meals to whatever bottles of wine with.


I left the event without deleting evidence of me drinking on the job. Unfortunately, now my boss now has evidence to use against me, never. In my defense, i couldn’t possibly write a story without actually experiencing what the people felt right?

(This post sounds so useless and makes no sense to me. Bye)