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It’s My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To. 

It was yet another 19th birthday yesterday.

Unlike my other 19th birthdays, I wasn’t excited about this one any bit. And I do recognize that was quite ungrateful of me as I didn’t have any valid reasons not to be happy about another year. I’ve been fatigued mentally and physically in the past few days and yesterday was no different.

But I had several moments that jerked me into gratitude.

First off, my landlord, who Continue reading


Listen World!

I want to take off my glasses all day(That way, I wont see people and won’t have the need to say hello. I can’t see without them).
I want to turn up the volume of my music all the way up. Today is one of those days I just want to take a long endless walk.

It’s one of those days that only the long draggy, pity-party songs will do.
I want to listen to Adele, Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, Christina Perri, Asa and whoever else gets you thinking about all the evil you’ve committed.

I have more positive than moody and negative days.
When days like these do come by, they hit me really hard… I really want to know I’m normal. Tell me someone else has days like this.

If I could stay away from human contact today, I’ll be the happiest human on earth. Can someone write my articles for the day and contact all the sources that need to be called?And while we’re at it, can someone turn down the heat and scourge of the sun too?
Just hand me a camera and please, may the flowers at the Botanic Gardens be in bloom. I Just want to go shoot some images! I want to be behind a camera noticing the very little precious things in life… Maybe, just maybe that can cheer me up.

Today is not just one of those days!